Laser Alignment

Shaft Alignment for Optimum Performance

Shaft alignment ensures that two coupled shafts rotate on their common center line. Operating a machine with misaligned shafts will reduce the operating life of your equipment and increase the operating costs. Our Laser Alignment service will help prevent those increased costs and machine down time. Every shaft alignment we do can be recorded and documented for your records. Accuracy matters! 

Benefits of proper alignment:

  • Reduced Coupling Wear
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Increased Run Time
  • Smooth and quieter operation


When metal gets hotter, it expands. It is calculated from three factors: what it is, how hot it gets and how tall it is. Thermal growth is not always a factor in aligning machinery but if your machine is big, hot, or fast or must be aligned to a very close tolerance then thermal growth must be factored in as a part of the alignment process. Parr Industrial knows the importance of performing Thermal Growth Monitoring on large machinery aligned for hot or cold operating conditions.

By definition, torque is the measure of a rotational or twisting force. This means when you try to turn something around an axis, you are producing torque. It is essential that machines be monitored from cold to hot operating conditions in order to properly adjust for thermal growth and determine the relative torque movements. We use the most advanced laser-based alignment systems to configure your machines to reach an optimal coupling alignment target within the thermal range. We use a laser-based monitoring system to measure the relative movement of your machine from rest to hot operating conditions. This ensures that all dynamic movement is recorded.

Laser Alignment of Shaft Centrifugal Pump

Our technicians are experts on a wide variety of machines and can accurately measure dynamic movement without damaging your machines. Our condition monitoring calculations can pinpoint any substantial changes that may cause a failure. Parr Industrial’s thermal growth monitoring services provide maximum running efficiency and productivity. Applying RCM (Reliability-Centered-Maintenance) successfully will greatly increase your cost effectiveness, decrease machine down time and provide a broader view of any potential avoidable risks.