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Shaft Alignment for Optimum Performance

Laser Alignment Live Results

Laser Alignment

Taking advantage of the most advanced and precise laser alignment equipment in the market, Parr Industrial can quickly improve the running condition and dependability of your machines. Shaft alignment is one of the most critical components for optimum machine performance. Proper coupling alignment increases time between repairs, extends bearing and seal life, and decreases power loss.

Several companies are still applying old methods in order to perform these procedures on large rotating machinery. Unlike conventional methods, the laser shaft alignment we perform will provide faster, easier, and more accurate results. The laser beam does not sag and can constitute a precise and uniform reference on all sorts of procedures such as motor coupling alignment, bearing bore alignment, and thermal growth monitoring. Our standard shaft alignment methods are proven to be reliable and deliver optimal results on all types of industrial machines.

Performing a correct shaft alignment procedure saves time and money. Misalignment is the most common cause of machine vibration and downtime.

Thermal Growth

Parr Industrial knows the importance of performing Thermal Growth Monitoring on large machinery aligned for hot or cold operating conditions. It is essential that machines be monitored from cold to hot operating conditions in order to properly adjust for thermal growth and determine the relative torque movements.

We use the most advanced laser-based alignment systems to configure your machines to reach an optimal coupling alignment target within the thermal range. Our thermal growth monitoring services provide maximum running efficiency and productivity, since it is important to have your machines aligned during running conditions.

We use a laser based monitoring system to measure the relative movement of your machine from rest to hot operating conditions. This ensures that all dynamic movement is recorded. Accurate alignment targets are reached using our hot alignment procedure.

Our technicians are experts in a wide variety of machines and can accurately measure dynamic movement without damaging your machines. Our condition-monitoring calculations can pinpoint any substantial changes that may cause a failure. Parr Industrial’s thermal growth monitoring services provide maximum running efficiency and productivity. Apply RCM (Reliability – Centered – Maintenance) successfully will greatly increase your cost effectiveness, decrease machine downtime, and provide a broader view of any potential avoidable risks.


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